Teaching Schedule

Begin by logging in to the SIS at case.edu/sis with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. From Faculty Home, click the My Schedule & Rosters tile. This will present the My Schedule page.

    Alternatively, from the NavBar, select Navigator > Faculty & Advising > My Schedule & Rosters.

  2. To look at a week-by-week teaching schedule, click the View Weekly Teaching Schedule button.

  3. The Teaching Schedule defaults to the last semester viewed. In order to look at the enrollment for classes of a different term, click the Change Term button to select a term from a list of all terms in which you have taught since Summer 2008.

    Click the radio button to the left of a term and click the Continue button to see the teaching schedule from that semester.

    To return to the current term, click on the Change Term button again and select the current term.

  4. If a class has enrollment, the Class Roster icon will appear to its left in the schedule. Click on the icon to see a list of students enrolled in the class.

  5. A list of all students currently enrolled in the class appears. See Class Roster on the SIS Resources page for more information.

    To see the roster for a different class, click the Change Class button to be returned to the My Schedule page.

  6. If a grade roster exists for a class, the Grade Roster icon will appear to its left. Click on the icon to see the grade roster. See Grades on the SIS Resources page for more information.

    Note: If grade rosters are available for a course, the roster status, number of missing grades, and approval status are displayed.

    For roster status, a green checkmark or red X indicates whether or not all grades have been entered on the roster and the roster has been approved, if applicable.

    For approval status, a Y/N indicator shows whether the approval status is set to Approved by Instructor for final grade rosters. Mid-semester grade rosters do not include an approval status, and this flag will show Y if all grades have been entered on a mid-semester grade roster.

  7. My Schedule also displays the final exam schedule for the class. Click the My Exam Schedule link to be taken to the bottom of the screen, or scroll to the bottom of the screen manually.

  8. The exam schedule displays only the classes that are scheduled to have a final exam with the exam days and times.

    Note: Basic information shown for each class includes the following:

    • Course identification
    • Class number
    • Class title
    • The number of students enrolled
    • Days/times the class is offered
    • Assigned room for the class
    • The beginning and end dates for the class
    • Class status

This completes the demonstration of the teaching schedule.