Uploading Grades from Canvas to SIS

Begin by logging into Canvas at canvas.case.edu.

  1. Click the Help Button at the bottom of the left-hand side Global Navigation menu.

  2. From the pop-out help menu, select the Canvas Wizard.

  3. In the Canvas Wizard, select the Upload Canvas grades to SIS option.

  4. After clicking Continue, a page listing active SIS sections that have corresponding Canvas sites appears. Click on the course to which grades will be uploaded.

    • Name and Network ID - Identifying information of the student who is being graded (1).

    • Canvas current score and Canvas current grade - Current grade/score is calculated from the course activities that have been graded (2). Students are not penalized for any graded activity that have not yet been submitted or that the instructor has not yet graded. SIS mid-semester grades are preloaded in this form based on Canvas current grades.

    • Canvas final score and Canvas final grade - Final grade/score is calculated from all activities that can be graded, even if they have not been submitted or graded (3). Any items that do not have a grade are treated as having a zero grade. SIS final grades are preloaded in this form based on Canvas final grades.

    • SIS grade - This dropdown menu allows selection of which grade to assign to a student for the course (4). After assigning grades to each student in the class roster, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Upload grades to SIS button.

    If uploading mid-semester grades, this completes the process and it is not necessary to login to the SIS. There is no approval process for mid-semester grades and they can be seen in the SIS by students immediately. If uploading final grades, please proceed to the next step.

  5. Once the process of uploading grades from Canvas to SIS is complete, final grades must be approved in the SIS. This process will submit the students' grades to the University Registrar. Final grades can be seen in SIS by students after an overnight process.

  6. Begin by logging in to case.edu/sis with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  7. From Faculty Home, click the My Schedule & Rosters tile. This will present the My Schedule page.

    Alternatively, from the NavBar, select Navigator > Faculty & Advising > My Schedule & Rosters.

    Note: To see a past or future term, click the Change Term button. See Teaching Schedule on the SIS Resources page for more information.

  8. Locate the class for which you want to approve grades. Click the Grade Roster icon to the immediate left of the class.

  9. The Grade Roster screen appears. At the top of the screen is the class meeting information.

  10. Select a Grade Roster Type of Final Grade.

    Note: If Final Grade does not appear in the field, the final grade roster has not yet been generated by the University Registrar’s Office.

  11. Review the grade roster for accuracy and missing grades. Make corrections as necessary. Corrections made in SIS will not be reflected in Canvas.

  12. When ready to approve grades, instructors should click on the Approval Status dropdown list.

  13. Click the Approved by Instructor list item to initiate the grade submission process.

    Note: It is possible to submit a partially-entered grade roster when in Approved by Instructor status. If the roster is not fully graded, a warning message will appear.

    Grades can be saved without being submitted at any point in the grade entry process by clicking the Save button when the Approval Status dropdown list is set to Not Reviewed or Ready for Review.

    Grades for the class are now submitted and they will be posted to students’ records within 24 hours.

This completes the process of uploading and approving final grades in SIS.