Finalize Class Schedule


Once your department has run the error reports and made necessary corrections, you can print the revised schedule, and review and verify it. See Print Class Schedule for instructions.

When your class schedule is verified, notify the appropriate individual or office and they will make it available to students by marking it as Display in Class Search.

Upon completion, please notify:

  • College of Arts & Sciences Departments - Owen Klingenberg,
  • All other schools/departments - University Registrar's Office,

Note: Please contact your SOC representative for assistance if changes need to be made to your schedule that cannot be done while Display in Class Search is turned on.

Use Class Search to Review Schedule

  1. Login to SIS with your CWRU ID and associated passphrase. From the Staff Home page, select the SOC WorkCenter tile, and then choose Class Search.

  2. Select a Term. The Manage Classes page appears.

  3. Use the filters on the left to find the classes you want to review.

    Enter the Subject into the Filter Subjects search box or check the checkboxes for the subjects you’d like to see.

    Click Additional Search Features, expand the Career section, and choose the appropriate academic career(s) from the list.

  4. Click the Search button.

    All available class sections in the term that meet the search criteria you entered appear.

  5. Click on class sections to review the Details and Availability tabs for accuracy.

  6. Click the X in the upper right corner to return to your search results.

  7. To begin a different search, click the New Search button.

This completes the process of finalizing your class schedule and using Class Search to review the Schedule of Classes in the SIS.