Create Your Schedule


Once the schedule of classes is available in SIS, you will see a registration tile on the semester for which the schedule is open. By clicking on Go to Schedule or on the schedule icon in the upper right-hand corner you are brought to the schedule view.

Create Schedule

  1. Log in to SIS with your CWRU ID and associated passphrase. From the Student Home page, select the Academics tile.

    The Academics screen appears.

  2. From the Academics page, select the Academic Progress tile.

    Alternatively, use the menu and navigate to Academics > Academic Progress.

  3. Choose My Academic Requirements from the menu on the left.

  4. Select the Career of Undergraduate. Click the View link.

  5. The Stellic software will open in a new tab in your internet browser. From the left side menu, click on the appropriate Schedule [Term Year]. For example: Schedule Summer 2024.

In the center of the screen, you will see the following information:

Calendar View: This shows a weekly visual of your current course selections.

Auto Generate Schedule: Have Stellic complete a course schedule by using the preferences you select.

  • When the preferences are selected, click Generate, and then Stellic auto-generates the schedule that works for these courses and best matches the preferences without any time conflicts if available.

  • To see what additional options are available, click on each course and review the additional sections. By hovering over the section, Stellic will show where those sections line up in the current schedule.

  • Once the sections have been chosen for each course, they can be sent to My Shopping Cart in SIS by clicking the Confirm Courses button.

Please note: All registration and enrollment will still take place in SIS. This includes any validation for permissions needed for time conflicts, prerequisites that are not met, etc.