Dedicated to Progress

By continuing in the long and proud history of societal advancement forged by members of Case Western Reserve and its predecessor institutions and collaborating with partners across campus and around the world, the institute is poised to carry out its mission and address society's most trying inequities.

Picture of people shaking hands at the Social Justice Institute

The world is becoming smaller every day, and interdependence on limited resources can exacerbate inequalities between "haves" and "have-nots" with dire results. Alongside these relatively new concerns, we still bear the burdens of a past riddled with racial, ethnic, economic, environmental, medical and legal injustices.

In a society wrought with blatant discrepancies, Case Western Reserve's Social Justice Institute supports and facilitates social critique and civic engagement to identify the causes and consequences of injustice and work toward resolutions. Providing a distinctive educational opportunity for students, scholars and community members, the institute ensures that the university and its neighbors are poised to better understand the role of education, development and policy in bringing about social change.

Get Involved!

To learn more about social justice initiatives at Case Western Reserve and how you can be involved, contact the Social Justice Institute at 216.368.7568, socialjustice@case.edu, or leave feedback here.

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