Programming FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Student Activities & Leadership has compiled a list of common questions regarding programming guidelines and procedures. 

If you have additional questions, please email


Questions related to the Programming Operations Plan (POP) and Risk Management (RM) meetings

What if I have to make any last minute changes to my POP (after it has been approved)?

  • If you need to make any last minute changes to your POP after it has been approved, please contact the staff member you worked with during the approval process. If you are making a last minute change to a virtual event or an event where you did not need to meet with a staff person to get approval, please contact


If my group has any questions about a possible upcoming event we are planning, can I meet with a staff member before submitting a POP? 

  • Absolutely! To meet with a member of the Student Activities & Leadership team, please find an appointment time slot here. If you are unavailable for any of the times listed, please email  


If my upcoming event is co-sponsored by two or more groups, which group needs to fill out the POP and who needs to attend a RM meeting?

  • If two or more groups are co-sponsoring an event, only one group needs to fill out the POP. In the description of the event, make sure to mention what other groups are co-sponsoring the event. 
  • For the RM meeting, at least one (1) representative from each group co-sponsoring the event should attend the meeting.


For events where a RM meeting is needed, which groups meet with which staff?


Questions related to space reservations and use

How do I reserve space on campus for my event?

  • To reserve an on-campus space for your event, please visit For non-academic space reservations, the names and contact information for each staff person who works with reservations is listed.