Event Security

Planning a Safe Event

Special events require police and/or security officers. Staffing guidelines are below, unless determined otherwise by the Division of Public Safety.

To request security for an event please submit this online form.

For information please contact Lieutenant Paul Owens at pjo2@case.edu

Please note:

  • Security requests must be submitted at least five business days before the event.
  • If you don’t receive confirmation within 24 hours of your request (not including weekends), contact LieutenantPaul Owens at pjo2@case.edu.
  • You must provide a speed type for billing upon service request.
  • Officer duties and special concerns should be discussed with Police and Security Services prior to the event.
  • An on-site contact person must be available.
  • Uniform or plainclothes officers must be specified.

Guidelines for General Events

Group Size Officers Required
<150 None
150-300 1 officer
>300 1 officer per 200 people

Guidelines for Special Circumstances

Special circumstances include alcohol service, open to the public, cash handling, history of the event, or other factors determined by the organizers or Police and Security Services.

Group Size Officers Required
<150 1 officer
150-300 2 officers
>300 1 officer per 150 people

Event Billing Information

The fee (set July 1, 2013) is $35 per hour, per officer. A minimum of three hours is required. Event cancellation requires four hours notice, or else a three-hour minimum fee will be charged per officer scheduled.