Diversity Career Resources

One of Case Western Reserve University’s greatest strengths is its diversity. The Career Center is committed to providing resources to support our diverse student body in their academic and career planning. Below are just a few selected resources for special population and affinity groups. If you can't find something suited to your particular needs, be sure to speak with a career and internship consultant.

International Students

Navigating the job and internship market in a different country presents some challenges and we are here to help you in your career development. We hope the following resources will offer a starting point for answering questions such as how to find an internship or research opportunity, building a professional network, and identifying companies open to international candidates.

Access career resources for International Students

LGBTQIAA+ Students

The following resources will offer a starting point for answering questions such as coming or being out in the workplace, evaluating workplaces’ culture and policies, and building a supportive career network.

Access career resources for LGBTQIAA+ Students

Students of Color

We are committed to supporting students of color throughout their career exploration. We encourage students to explore the resources compiled to learn more about programs available to specific populations.

Access career resources for Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi and Asian American Students

Access career resources for Black and African American Students

Access career resources for Hispanic and Latinx Students

Access career resources for Native American and Alaskan Native Students

Students with Disabilities

We are committed to helping students with visible and non-visible disabilities in their career journeys. To this end, we’ve compiled a list of resources, which we hope will help with questions about disclosure, accommodations, and your legal rights, as well as job and internship postings and programs.

Access career resources for Students with Disabilities

Additional Opportunities

Looking for more? Review our listing of additional diversity career programs and opportunities.