Interview Prep

A mock interview will help you prepare for future interviews and increase your confidence in your interview skills. The mock interview is two parts; a simulated interview between yourself and a career educator, which can be recorded and shared with you, and a debrief to get constructive feedback and tips for improvement. We can practice with you just to practice, or to help you prepare for an actual interview.

We offer mock interviews to prepare students for not only an interview for a job, internship, co-op Practicum, research position, or other work-type experience, but also to those interviewing for admission to medical, dental, graduate or other professional school programs and to those going on a case-style interview.

Scheduling a Mock Interview

  • Review instructions for how to schedule an appointment with a career consultant.
  • A previously reviewed resume or CV, a copy of your graduate or professional school essay, and/or a position or program description can be helpful in guiding the interview.
  • In the scheduling notes, if you have an actual interview coming up, let us know with what organization, for what position, and on what date.
  • If you have particular questions that you would like to practice, please also share that in the notes.
  • Given the intention to simulate a real interview, we recommend that you "dress to impress," though this is not a requirement.
  • Bring what you feel is necessary for the interview. It's standard to take a copy of your resume or CV and cover letter, something to write on, and something to write with.

Preparing for Your Appointment and Interview

  • We are pleased to offer Big Interview preparation software. Features include video and written curricula so you can learn the best ways to prepare for and respond to interview questions, as well as practice and perfect responses to interview questions (think: "Tell me about yourself").
  • Brush up on your resume, cover letter, and any career assessments you've taken. You should be prepared to talk about your interests, values, skills, and competencies.
  • Look over the Career Search Guide for interviewing advice.
  • Read our interviewing tips for job seekers.
  • Review the company or school's website, annual reports, and recent news articles about them. You can learn much about their mission, philosophy, products and services, what they value, and how you might fit, by doing this.

Book an Interview Room

  • First round interviews are frequently conducted over the phone of video conference. When you're preparing for your interview, think about where you'll take the call.
  • The Career Center has a room available that may be requested by CWRU students for virtual interviews for post-graduation jobs, admission to graduate or professional school programs, experiential education such as internships, co-ops, research, or campus employment.
  • Book an interview room.