Tips for Job Seekers

Your career search process wouldn't be complete without gathering advice, reviewing resume examples or spending time researching your area of interest.

Here are a number of tips you may find helpful when developing your credentials, preparing for an interview and more:

  • Cover Letter: Don't let a poorly written cover letter prohibit you from securing a position. Review a sample cover letter with our suggestions.
  • Resumes: Come in all shapes and sizes, but makes sure your resume is appropriate for your field and highlights what makes you the best candidate for the position.
  • Correspondence: If you've acquired impressive credentials and hands-on experience learning, don't let poor professional correspondence inhibit you from securing a position. review our tips about writing a cover letter and proper e-mail correspondence.
  • Interviewing: Being invited for an interview says that your resume or networking strategy has intrigued an organization enough to want to meet you. But you're only partially on your way toward your new position. Be sure to prepare!
  • Negotiating Salary: Salary is a very important part of the job search process. These negotiations can set the tone for your work life and experience with an employer. Here are some tips to consider when negotiating a salary. Since negotiating is a two-way street, try to achieve a win-win situation.
  • Networking: Did you know there is an immense underground marketplace in which jobs open up and then are filled through word-of-mouth and personal referrals? Despite the emphasis places on it, networking remains one of the most misunderstood dimensions of the job search process. Learn how and where to start developing your own personal network.
  • Special Advice for Graduate Students
  • Safety Tips for Your Online Job Search: While the Career Center tries to screen employers and the positions posted on campus, it is imperative that you as a job seeker exercise caution.
  • Diversity Career Resources: We are committed to providing resources to support our diverse student body in their academic and career planning.