Making a Good First Impression

Whether networking or meeting a potential employer for the first time, the ability to quickly introduce yourself is essential. Within 30 to 60 seconds, we suggest preparing a pitch to share purposeful information. Be sure to keep it career-focused and avoid personal information (e.g., where you were born, your social security number, date of birth).

Key Points 

Organize your presentation into focused categories:

  • Answer the question, "So tell me about yourself"
  • Build rapport by positioning yourself with marketable skills
  • Touch on your educational background, strengths, accomplishments and career focus
  • Customize what you say for the target audience


If you say nothing else, share these four points:

  • Name and educational area or academic discipline
  • Highlight relevant skills, experience or interests
  • Your current focus or goal (e.g., career exploration, internship, co-op, full-time job)
  • Personality traits and characteristics that make you unique

Where a Pitch is Used

You'd be surprised how many situations will require the use of a short, targeted verbal summary of yourself, including:

  • Job interviews
  • Networking or informational interviews
  • Career fairs and information sessions