Resume Format

    Resume Length

    A resume should be one to two pages long. Most students will be able to construct a thorough one-page resume. However, the length of a resume ultimately depends on your experiences. If you have a substantial work history, don't sell yourself short! Just make sure that all of the information is strong and relevant.

    Common Sections

    There are several sections that need to be included on your resume. They are:

    • Heading (your contact information)
    • Objective or Skills Summary
    • Education
    • Experience

    Additional topics you may include are: Coursework, Honors/Awards, Skills, Leadership, Community Service and Interests.

    Creating Your Resume

    To help you tackle writing your resume, we've created a Resume Checklist. Once you have gone through each step, you will be ready to create your resume draft. You can also review sample resumes in the Career Search Guide. When your resume is finished, bring your draft to the Career Lab to receive feedback from a peer.