Interview Tips for Grad Students

Interviewing at this stage comes with slightly different expectations than an interview immediately following your undergraduate education. Employers want to hear how your research or experiences can immediately impact the company, organization or university. Beyond the basic interview questions, be prepared for a discussion about your field and questions that are specific to your leadership style.

Has it been a while since your last interview? If so, check out our basic interviewing tips. For more information on how to prepare for an interview, review questions for an interviewer.

Questions to Expect at an Academic Interview

  • Describe your research. What are you currently working on? What is your five-year plan?
  • What are your plans for publishing?
  • How do you plan to support your research?
  • How will you seek funding to support your research?
  • In what journals do you plan to submit your research?
  • What is your teaching philosophy?
  • Describe how you'd teach an introductory survey course in your discipline?
  • What courses would you like to teach?
  • What course, not currently in our catalog, would you like to develop?
  • How does your research inform your teaching?
  • What are your plans for integrating students into your research?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What textbook would you use in a particular course?
  • What classes have you taught? How do you structure your courses?