Communicating With Your Study Abroad Student

Figuring out the best way to communicate with your students while they are abroad can be challenging, but we live in a day in which technology can make communication easy for everyone. The Center for International Affairs has partnered with Case Western Reserve University's Information Technology Services to present a comprehensive overview of communication options for students while abroad. This information should help you to determine the best way to keep in touch with your students while they are abroad. Please visit the ITS website.

In addition, there are several programs available that make communicating easy. Some of the most common applications are:

  • WhatsApp: an app that allows you to text for free, as long as you have a wireless connection—regardless of your phone provider carrier
  • Skype: a program that allows you to make video or audio calls for free with a wireless connection or for a small fee otherwise.

The most important thing to remember about communicating is that, while it is easy to communicate with your student, there is a time difference and often time delay in communications. Make a communications plan, but allow for flexibility as well.