Nutrition Equity Fund

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The Nutrition Equity Fund is collaboratively designed by a group of diverse stakeholders representing Cuyahoga County to invest in community ownership of local food systems resulting in a vibrant and fair food system that is deeply anchored to local community institutions.

The working group includes the Nourishing Power Advisory Council, food system workers, researchers, funders, and other community leaders.

We are committed to learning from the Fund through reflection and feedback, adapting as we align with the Nourishing Power Values.

We are testing ways to unify resources to root and grow a local food system that works for Black, Latino/a/x, Asian, and Indigenous communities in Cuyahoga County (hereafter referred to as BIPOC communities).

The purpose of the Fund is to support community-driven initiatives that uplift equity, embrace learning, and amplify BIPOC experiences and expertise.

We seek to use the Fund to share power, promote connectivity, and spur collective action as community leaders and organizational partners work together to disrupt the status quo and drive transformation within our local food system.

We want to ignite community action that leads to a vibrant and nutritious food system that is equitable and fair and deeply anchored to local community institutions and assets.

The Nutrition Equity Fund is supported by Cleveland Clinic, Neighborhood Connections, Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR), The Sears-Swetland Family Foundation, The Andrews Foundation, Metro Health, Margaret Wong, and the Swetland Center for Environmental Health. 

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