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Interested in exploring a management degree or minor, or do you want to learn more about our faculty, curriculum or the student experience? You’re invited to connect with a Weatherhead School advisor. We’re happy to help!

Declaring a Weatherhead Major/Minor 

Please note the following information regarding major declaration and registration:

  • Students who enroll at Case Western Reserve University as first-year students must declare a major before registering for classes for their fifth semester of enrollment.
  • Transfer students must declare a major before registering for their third semester at Case Western Reserve.

Beyond these “deadlines," students who have not declared a major will have a registration hold placed on their accounts until they have done so.

If you need to declare your major prior to course registration (information regarding specific dates available here) you should work on doing that sooner rather than later.

Weatherhead major declaration specifically requires that students meet with an advisor to declare their major. Please reach out to an advisor in a timely manner to ensure that your advisor can accommodate your schedule and you can submit your paperwork to Undergraduate Studies prior to the start of course registration:

Delays on your end may result in not being able to register for the following semester classes right when your registration window opens.

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