Accounts and Allocations


Advancement Services Gift Processing unit does not create account numbers for operating accounts, nor does it facilitate the creation of operating accounts. It may, however, provide guidance concerning the creation of an account. Gift Processing will establish holding accounts for new endowment gifts.

Account Number Prefixes: Account numbers start with various prefixes denoting specific purposes. An account number will look something like this: OSA485078, AFG930060 or END505900.

  • AFG - Annual Fund Account
  • CASE - Operating Account
  • END - Endowment Account (Scholarships, Lectureships, Professorships)
  • GIFT - General Gift/Holding Account
  • INC - Income Account (Tuition)
  • OPR - Operating Account (For the fiscal year)
  • OSA - Operating Account (Can span fiscal years)
  • PLT - Plant Account (Building, Maintenance)
  • RES - Research Account (Grants, Research)
  • SPC - Special Project Account
  • TRN - Training Account
  • PEN - Pending Endowment Fund

Reporting: The Account Summary Canned Report(s) DV150/152 allows users to search an any number of accounts and see donors/charitable transactions made to those accounts. Users should contact their budget office with inquiries into the amount of money currently in an account, as Advance does not track expenditures.


Allocations are created in Advance. Types of allocations can include:

  • Development General (generally Non-AF gifts)
  • Memorial & Honor (gifts given in honor & memorial)
  • Trustee Fund (gifts from trustees)
  • Planned Gifts (bequests, will commitments, etc.)
  • Research (charitable grants coded as development general, purpose being research)
  • Stewardship (endowment accounts have stewardship allocations that start with S and are Inactive)

An allocation will always have exactly one each of the following:

  • Account The PeopleSoft speedtype. There will be accounts that are not tied to PeopleSoft (such as old accounts or things Advancement Services tracks that are not in Peoplesoft).
  • Restriction Restriction codes, as defined by CASE, are Annuity, Endowment, Operating, Loan Funds, and Plant. 
  • Purpose The general purpose of the allocation. Purpose codes are: Building and Grounds, Discretionary, Equipment, Faculty/Staff Compensation, Fellowship, Lectureship, Libraries, Prizes and Awards, Professorship, Purchase of Books/Periodicals, Research, Scholarship, Special Conditions, Student Aid, Training/Internship, Unrestricted).
  • Fund A further classification of the allocation, i.e. Annual, Parents, Development General, Trustee, Grants. 
  • School The school the allocation is tied to 
  • Y/N switches Annual Fund and Athletics Fund

- Advancement Services Orientation Manual