Methods of Giving

Cash or Check

The most standard method of giving to CWRU is via cash or check. Additional information on giving methods can be found on the Forward Thinking campaign website.

CWRU Online Giving Form

Donors can also give online via the CWRU Online Giving site.

Foreign Currency

Foreign currency, US dollars drawn on foreign banks, and foreign "dollars" may all be submitted and treated as gifts. The internal procedures vary depending on the nature of the item submitted for processing, but the result is the same. The donor will receive credit in US dollars for the amount the gift is valued at, based on current exchange rates, as of the day of receipt.

CWRU incurs what can amount to substantial bank fees to process these gifts. Foreign currency/checks drawn on foreign banks are assessed a per item handling fee. US currency items drawn on foreign banks will be assessed fees also. For this reason we should discourage a donor from sending a gift that is not in US denomination and drawn on a US bank.


Gifts-in-Kind are donated tangible and intangible assets and property such as real estate, art, books, equipment, automobiles, inventory, personal property, and other physical assets or materials which represent value to the University.

  • The donor must secure an independent appraisal which states the value of the gift.

  • A written article must be submitted to Advancement Services, indicating the gift-in-kind was desired by CWRU and was received, on site.
  • Gifts-In-Kind are processed in Advance with their appraised value garnered from an independent appraiser.  If no appraisal is available, gifts-in-kind are entered with a value of $1.00 into the Advance database.
  • The official tax receipt will be sent out by Advancement Services.  These tax receipts do not reflect any valuation in accordance with the IRS rules.  Instead, a description of the item given is provided.
  • The donor should work with their tax consultant regarding the official amount of the charitable donation.

Payroll Deduction

CWRU Employees are eligible to make charitable contributions to CWRU via payroll deduction. These are post tax deductions. If they are interested, the employee should contact Gifts Processing to set up a recurring deduction. Deductions occur every month for a pre-determined static amount. The amount can be changed, and the deduction can be stopped at any time by contacting Gifts Processing. See the payroll deduction form here

Bank Drafts (EZ Giving)

A donor may elect to have Gifts Processing electronically debit their checking or savings account regardless of where they bank. These drafts are established for one time gifts as well as for indefinite periods and may be stopped when Gifts Processing receives a written request from the donor. CWRU calls the bank draft program EZ Giving. The donor completes an EZ Giving form‌ and returns it to Gifts Processing. Once a month, Gifts Processing personnel will debit the donor’s specified amount from the donor’s account. Bank debits can be done on the first of the month and the 15th of the month.

Credit Cards

CWRU can process VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express credit cards. Advancement Services must be provided with the name as it appears on the credit card, the name and address of the donor, the credit card number and expiration date, and an amount to process this type of gift. It is not necessary to be in possession of the credit card. Credit card information can be faxed 216.368.4619 or hand delivered to Advancement Services (BioEnterprise, 11000 Cedar Avenue, Suite 300). DO NOT email credit card information.

Wire Transfer

A donor may wish to initiate a wire transfer to facilitate a gift to CWRU. This can be expected for large sums of money and particularly at the end of the calendar and fiscal years. Wire transfers are handled by the Treasurer's Office.The general Treasurer's Office can be reached at 368-4306.

Transferring Securities

When a donor indicates a desire to make a contribution in the form of a marketable security, the Treasurer’s Office must be contacted. The preferred method of delivery of stock is by DTC. The Treasurer’s Office will discuss specific DTC instructions with our donor's broker. Ideally, the donor should be directed to advise the broker of intent, and instruct her or him to call the Treasurer’s Office for further details. In the meantime, the "Gift of Securities Tracking System" form should be completed and forwarded by fax to Advancement Services and to the Treasurer’s Office. When the security transaction is complete, the donor will receive a standard gift acknowledgment indicating the type and number of shares received and the value date.

-Advancement Services Orientation Manual