Gift Delivery and Tax Receipting Procedure

Gift Processing Workflow

  1. ‌Solicitation and Proposal Entry
    A proposal should be entered into Advance if the donation is being actively solicited by a Development Officer.
  2. Obtain Donation
    Donations can be sent directly to the Soliciting Development Office or to:

    Advancement Services
    Gifts Processing
    11000 Cedar Ave., Suite 300
    Cleveland, OH  44106-7035
  3. Complete Donation Checklist and Submit
    The CWRU Advancement Services Donation Checklist form should be completed by the Soliciting Development Officer.  Include all original gift/pledge backup (check, pledge form, envelope, etc.).
  4. Donation Processed in Advance
    Once received by the Gifts Processing team, the charitable donation will be entered into Advance. The next morning, the official tax receipt (if donation is a gift, not a pledge) is sent by Advancement Services to the Legal Donor.
  5. Send Additional Acknowledgment Letters
    Donations of $5,000+ are acknowledged by central Donor Relations. Additional acknowledgments can be sent according to the policy of the school/department receiving the donation.

Submitting a Gift

All checks and original paperwork pertaining to a charitable contribution must be delivered to Advancement Services for processing. Do not deposit charitable donations through the cashier’s office. Avoid holding checks; please send them to Gifts Processing the same day they are received. This information can be hand delivered or sent over via CWRU Courier (Cash must be hand-delivered. Never put cash or checks in Campus Mail):

Advancement Services
Gifts Processing
11000 Cedar Ave., Suite 300
Cleveland, OH  44106-7035

When submitting a gift include donor’s name, entity ID, address, DO’s contact information, account number (verify valid account # with budget office), payment schedule if a pledge, all original paperwork that came with the gift, and the proposal number.

Official Tax Receipts

Gift receipts are generated daily by the Department of Advancement Services for all outright gifts, matching gifts and pledge payments that are processed through Advance; gift receipts are not generated for the pledge itself. Receipts are generated the same day the transaction is processed during the nightly gift processing update. The forms are printed in the Advancement Services department before noon the following business day. The Student Calling Center generates pledge receipts for all pledges they receive.

Receipts will normally reflect the value of the contribution received. They will also indicate the name of the fund to which the gift was applied and applicable memorial, honorary, or on behalf of information. In cases of gifts of securities, the name of stock, number of shares, and the Fair Market Value (FMV) on the date of transfer will be added. Gift-in-kind acknowledgments are also issued, but do not reflect any valuation in accordance with IRS rules. Instead, a description of the item given is provided.

These receipts are an accurate reflection of how and when we processed a contribution and are acceptable for tax preparation purposes. Note that the IRS has stipulated that a donor must possess an official acknowledgment for any gift in order to claim a charitable tax deduction.

Receipts will be distributed to the legal donor, regardless of donation amount, for the following:

  • All gifts of cash and checks
  • All pledge payments of cash and checks
  • All gifts and payments of securities
  • All gifts and payments given via credit card (Note: Online donations via credit card will receive a tax receipt immediately upon hitting the Submit button.)
  • All gifts and payments via gifts in kind
  • Split annual fund gifts will receive one acknowledgment that details the split(s) to multiple schools.
  • Memorial and Honor Gift Notification letters are produced by Advancement Services.  As long as Advancement Services is given the name and address of the person to whom a notification should be sent, a letter of notification will be mailed within 24 hours of receipt of the Memorial/Honor Gift.  

Receipts will not be distributed for the following:

  • Pledges
  • Bequest gifts and payments
  • Gifts/payments of annuities/trusts
  • Will Commitments

Payroll Deduction or EFT or EZ Giving Tax Receipts:

Donors giving Payroll Deduct, EFT or EZ gifts will NOT receive a monthly receipt. Rather, at the end of the calendar year, a single acknowledgment totaling all gifts/payments for the calendar year will be produced and mailed.

Matching Gift Tax Receipts:

As of FY2013, Matching Gift Companies receive a Matching Gift tax receipt for each gift that has been submitted.

Receipts for Organizations:

Organizations (Corps., Fdns., Assocs.) will receive an official receipt for all non-annual fund gifts of cash and checks, pledge payments, securities and gifts in kind, regardless of amount.

Receipts for Combined Annual Fund and Non-Annual Fund Gifts:

Donors who give both an annual fund and a non-annual fund gift on the same day (with the same date of record) will receive one official receipt detailing the total donation and the splits to various designations. The receipts will be mailed directly to individual donors (providing the split is not an annuity).

Corporate, Foundation or Association combined AF and Non-AF gift receipts will be mailed to the corporation, foundation, and/or association on a daily basis provided there is a contact person available for the mailing address. If no contact person is available, the acknowledgment will be sent to the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations, or the appropriate school or college for mailing.