Pledge Types, Entry, Modifications and Washing

Pledge Reminders

Pledge reminders will automatically be generated within 45 days of the date of the pledge (for Annual Fund pledges) and/or in accordance with the payment schedule provided by the donor as long as there is an outstanding balance on the pledge. Therefore donors with payments due will receive a mailed pledge reminder each month until the outstanding pledge payment schedule is paid or until the pledge is washed/canceled.

Advancement Services will generate pledge reminders on 15th of the month for pledges due the following month and for pledges with a past due pledge schedule. Advancement Services will automatically mail Annual Fund pledge reminders. Non-Annual Fund pledge reminders for pledges under $10,000 will be mailed automatically. Pledge reminders for pledges over $10,000 will be sent to the Chief Development Officer at the school or unit responsible for raising the pledge. Development Officers are responsible for following up with donors by either sending out reminders, or by contacting the donors. 

Following Up on Past Due Pledges

The Pledges Due Report (D) displays all pledges based on the monthly pledge reminder policy. The data can be used by Development Officers to follow up with donors who have pledges due. The report will not include payroll deduct, EZ giving, or pledges listed as No Reminders. It will also exclude pledges from corporations and foundations (family foundations are included). Please contact the appropriate Corporate or Foundation Relations officer before following up with an organization that has an outstanding pledge you wish to investigate. The Student Calling Center will also follow up on past due AF pledges obtained through their office. These pledges are noted with a solicitation code of "T" for Telemarketing.

Annual Fund Pledge Wash 

The Office of Advancement Services has a policy to review unpaid pledges throughout the year. Annual Fund pledges that are unpaid are washed/cancelled programmatically twice per year; once at the end of the fiscal year during the June 30 close procedures, and again at the end of December. If no payment has been made on an annual fund pledge by the end of the fiscal year, the pledge will be washed or canceled provided the pledge does not have a payment schedule that extends past the first day of the next fiscal year.

For example, if a pledge is secured on May 1, 2008, and the donor does not specify a particular payment schedule, Advancement Services will enter the pledge and set the first payment due as of July 1, 2008. Since there is a payment schedule that is greater than June 30 (the end of the fiscal year), this pledge will not programmatically be washed or canceled at the end of the fiscal year.

Non-Annual Fund Pledge Audits

Non-annual fund pledges are not washed systematically, however non-annual fund pledges are audited annually. The Advancement Services Office notifies the appropriate development officer on non-annual pledges that have late or no payments prior to washing these pledges. The development officer is asked to contact the donor and see whether a new payment schedule can be set up. If so, the change in payment schedules will be made.

Non-Annual Fund pledges are reviewed twice per year. In January/February each year, the list of High Risk Pledges, and a report of all non-annual pledges of $100,000 or more with past due pledge schedules, is sent with a letter to all senior development officers at the schools/units with a request to review the pledges and let us know if there are changes that should be made to payment schedules, amounts, or if the donor has decided not to fulfill the pledge. In May of each year, the letter and reports are sent again to the senior development officers so any relevant changes to pledges can be made before the end of the fiscal year.

Pledge Modifications Requested by the Donor

If a donor ceases payment on his/her pledge, the Pledges Due Report (D) will alert the Development Officer to the problem. The donor may request that the payment schedule be modified. The donor may also request reduction of the pledge, or he/she may ask that the pledge be canceled. The Development Officer will notify the Office of Gifts Processing of the donor‘s wishes who will make the appropriate changes to the pledge in Advance.

At all times throughout the fiscal year, if a donor advises us that he/she wants to change their pledge schedule, or is unable to fulfill their pledge, the necessary steps are taken to cancel the pledge, or adjust the schedules as requested. This process is donor driven, and we comply with donor wishes/intent immediately.

- Advancement Services Orientation Manual