Endowment Minimums

Donors who wish to do so may designate their gifts for special purposes such as scholarships, professorships and fellowships, among others. Such gifts may be eligible for naming recognition to honor the donor(s) or others whom the donor wishes to honor. The Case Western Reserve Board of Trustees has established the following funding minimums to qualify for various gifts for endowment, capital and program purposes. Visit our Financial Reporting page for additional information on creating new endowments or visit the CWRU Planned Giving website.

Endowment Types & Minimum Gifts Required


School/College Deanship   $3,000,000 - $5,000,000
University Professorship  $3,000,000 
Full Professorship  $2,000,000 
Associate/Assistant Professorship  $1,500,000
Directorship Academic Center  $1,000,000 
Visiting Professorship  $3,000,000 - $750,000
Faculty and/or Curriculum Development Fund  $100,000

Student Assistance:

Named Full Graduate Fellowship Program (The Jones Family Fellowship)  $300,000
Named Full Scholarship Program (The Jones Family Scholarship) $300,000
Named Partial Undergraduate and Graduate $100,000
Scholarship and Fellowship Funds $50,000
Student Loan Fund $50,000
Student Award Fund $50,000

Academic Programs & Research:

University Institute $10,000,000
Named Department within a school $10,000,000
University Academic Center $5,000,000
School Academic Center $2,000,000
University Lecture Fund $1,000,000
Research Fund $300,000
School and College Lecture Fund $100,000


Special Collection Fund $250,000
Library Acquisition Fund $100,000

General Endowment:

President's Initiative Fund $1,000,000
Dean's Initiative Fund $250,000
Department Fund $100,000
Endowment Fund $25,000

Facilities and Equipment:

Facilities and Equipment Fund $100,000

-CWRU Planned Giving Office, Rev. 02.15.2012