Submitting Gifts

Advancement Services Gifts Processing

One of the primary functions of the Advance database is to track the charitable contributions made to Case Western Reserve University. This information is of the utmost importance to the fundraising efforts of the university as well as the stewardship of our donors. DO NOT deposit charitable donations through the cashier’s office; all charitable donations must come directly to Advancement Services Gifts Processing to be entered into Advance.

Avoid holding checks; please send them to Gifts Processing the same day they are received.

When submitting a donation, complete the Donation Checklist (for Non-AF contributions) and the Donation Delivery Form.

For additional information on Gifts Processing, Securities & Endowments, Planned Giving Options, Campaign Crediting, Gift Receipts & Acknowledgements and more, reference the Advancement Services Orientation Manual. For more information on methods of giving, visit the Forward Thinking website. Gifts processing questions? Email

Methods of Giving

There are many payment mechanisms available to potential CWRU donors, including cash, check, credit card, pledge, foreign currency, matching gift, payroll deduction, bank draft, and wire transfer.

Donors can also give via the CWRU giving website.

Find more information on the Forward Thinking website.

Where To Send Charitable Donations

All charitable gifts must be sent to Advancement Services for processing ( cash, checks, credit cards, pledges, letters of intent, will commitments, etc.). Gifts can be hand delivered or sent via on-campus courier boxes to:

Advancement Services
CedarTech Suite 314
10969 Cedar Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44106-7035
Attn: Gifts Processing

Taking Credit Card Information

When taking a credit card number over the phone: complete the contribution form and contact Gifts Processing (216.368.5849) with the credit card number and donor information or fax it to Advancement Services at 368-4619. Never put credit card information in an email. Please do not use the online giving site to process credit card donations received at your office, as doing so inflates the tracking of giving statistics.

Submitting Pledge Paperwork

The original pledge agreement and payment schedule must be sent to Advancement Services. The pledge is then scanned into the database and filed in the donor’s central file. Pledges will not be processed unless the original copy is submitted. Please contact Advancement Services in writing for any changes to the gift, pledge or pledge payment schedule so it can be updated in the database.

NON-AF PLEDGES: Must have signed paperwork from the donor along with a payment schedule (can be annual, semi-annual, monthly, custom, etc). Any changes to a pledge or payment schedule should be sent in writing to Gifts Processing, Non-Annual Fund pledge reminders are sent to each school so that they may decide how to contact the donor. Payments from Donor Advised Funds and Community Foundations will not count towards a donor’s pledge.

ANNUAL FUND PLEDGES: Can be received by Development Officers or the CWRU Student Calling Center as one-time pledges or multi-year pledges. Development Officers should submit signed paperwork/payment schedule to Gifts Processing while the SCC calling center representatives enter payment/schedule information into the calling center database. AF Pledges are washed at the end of every fiscal year unless a payment schedule exists out beyond the current fiscal year end date. AF Pledge Reminders are sent to donors from the Central AF Office around the 15th of each month. AF Pledge Acknowledgement Letters originate from multiple sources, including the Central Donor Relations Office or the Development Office of the school where the AF Pledge was allocated.

Gift Receipts & Acknowledgment Letters

Gift Receipts are generated daily by the Advancement Services department for all outright gifts, matching gifts and pledge payments that are processed through Advance; gift receipts are not generated for the pledge itself. The official gift receipts are printed and mailed to the legal donor before noon the following business day. The Student Calling Center generates pledge acknowledgments for all pledges received through the Student Calling program.

If the gift, payment, or pledge is over $5,000, the office of Central Donor Relations produces a presidential-level acknowledgment letter thanking the donor for their donation. This acknowledgment letter is then scanned into Advance under Prospect Tracking – Notes. Gifts or pledges under $5,000 are acknowledged by the allocation school. These acknowledgments are not scanned into Advance, but should be sent to Central Files.