Solicitation Codes

Solicitation Codes are a way for Advancement Services to code entities based on their mailing preferences.  When looking at the Entity Overview in Advance, a user can see the solicitation code located under the Bio Summary form header, to the right of the Entity ID. Notes on why and when a solicitation code has been added to an entity's record can be found by navigating to the left hand page tree, clicking on Biographic then Mail Control. Contact Reports may also contain information on why an entity is coded a certain way.

Changing Solicitation Codes in Advance

Advance constituents periodically contact the university asking to be removed from mailing/email lists. This type of information is a biographical update. Please send all biographical updates to along with the name of the entity, the entity ID, their specific request and the type of code to be added to their record (Do Not Call from Calling Center, No Contact Requested, Permanent Non-Solicit, Temporary Non-Solicit).

Types of Solicitation Codes

Blank (No visible code): If there is no solicitation code on an entity’s record in Advance the code is considered “Blank”, meaning that entity has no restrictions on contact. They can be mailed to or solicited by anyone.

Do Not Call From Calling Center (Code: C): Do Not Call is a solicitation code indicating that these entities should not be called by the Student Calling Center, however Development Officers may contact them. When running lists, these entities are included in both “Reachable” and “Solicitable” categories.

No Contact Requested (Code: N): No Contact Requested is a solicitation code indicating these entities should never be contacted in any way (regular mail, email or phone). When running lists through clipboard these constituents are automatically removed so as not to receive mail pieces, phone calls or emails. Entities with this code are re-evaluated by Advancement Services only under specific request. In some instances these entities are deceased (however there are instances where an entity might be presumed deceased and coded NCR, but Advancement Services hasn’t been able to confirm their deceased status yet). In other instances, the entity may be lost or they’ve personally instructed the University not to contact them for any reason.

Permanent Non-Solicit (Code: S): Permanent Non-Solicit is a solicitation code indicating these entities should not be solicited at any time by anyone (Development Officers or Student Calling Center). Either the entity themselves or a Development Officer, after speaking with the entity, made the request that no solicitations should ever be made. These entities can still be invited to events and are mailed informational mail pieces about CWRU, alumni magazines, etc., but should never be solicited for money. When running lists, these constituents are included in the “Reachable” category only.

Temporary Non-Solicit (Code: T): Temporary Non-Solicit is a solicitation code which indicates entities that should not be asked for money right now, but that Development Officers should contact at a later date. These entities still receive mailings from the University, alumni invitations, etc. When running lists, these entities are included in the “Reachable” category only, but not the “Solicitable” category. A note on the Mail Control Screen will indicate when/why the temporary non-solicit code was originally put in place. Advancement Services will review the status after one year and change it back to normal mail, which will then make the entity solicitable. Most entities are coded TNS because they are out of the country or are otherwise unavailable for a period of time.

Reachable vs. Solicitable

Reachable is a solicitation code which includes Do Not Call from Calling Center, Permanent Non Solicit, Temporary Non Solicit, and Blanks. Reachable should be used when pulling a list of event attendees or when creating a list to mail informational pieces, but NOT when soliciting money or for fundraising purposes.

Solicitable is a solicitation code which includes entities coded Do Not Call from Calling Center and Blanks. Solicitable should be used when pulling a list of entities to solicit for donations.