Prospect Ratings

Ratings are a way to determine a prospect’s wealth level, propensity to give, frequency of giving and likely gift type. There are multiple types of ratings including Expectation, Lifetime Rating, Echelon Rating, Blackbaud Rating, PRIZM Rating, and GGA Rating.

Who Gets Rated?

All domestic alumni (unless deceased) and certain friends receive a prospect rating. Foundations and Corporations do not get rated.

Types of Ratings

EXPECTATION: The Expectation is the amount expected to be raised by CWRU during the Campaign. This number is produced by data models and fundraiser input. Changes to this rating amount can be discussed with the Associate Director of Prospect Management by emailing The Expectation Rating can be found on the Prospect Overview screen.

LIFETIME RATING: Lifetime Rating is defined as 3 to 5%, conservatively calculated, of demonstrated net worth. Debt is not a factor. It is also defined as what a prospect can be expected to expend philanthropically over the course of his or her lifetime - to ANY charitable institution not just CWRU. Lifetime Rating can be found on the Entity Overview Screen in the Prospect Summary box.

WEALTH ENGINE GIFT CAPACITY RANGE: An estimated range for a gift payable over a five year period. This rating can be found under Prospect Tracking - Evaluations.

WEALTH ENGINE P2G (PROPENSITY TO GIVE) RANGE: A score from 1 - 5 rating how likely a prospect is to give a gift to the University. This rating can be found under Prospect Tracking - Evaluations. An explanation of the rating is in the Comment section.

Ratings and Reporting

Advance contains multiple reports which display ratings information, including Brief Biographical Summary, Executive Snapshot, In-Depth Profile, High Profile Summary and Kitchensink Report.

Questions on Ratings?

All ratings-related questions and inquiries can be directed to Stuart Oakes, Associate Director of Prospect Management, or 216.368.6999 or Dorothy Oluonye, Assistant Director of Prospect Research, or 216.368.6242.

As of 10/26/2021