2022 Felipe Gómez del Campo (CWR ’16)

Felipe Gomez del Campo smiles, sitting down wearing a white shirt and black slacks with his hands clasped and arms resting on his knees

Felipe Gómez del Campo’s high school project on combustion led to a full scholarship at Case Western Reserve; more than $16 million in funding for the company he founded, primarily from a range of federal entities including the U.S. Department of Defense and research partnerships with Argonne National Laboratory. All before he turned 30.

As a CWRU undergraduate, Gómez del Campo launched FGC Plasma Solutions, which develops technologies to improve the performance of jet engines for commercial aviation, gas turbines for power generation and engines under development to potentially power defense and space flights at hypersonic speeds that are more than five times the speed of sound.

He credits the university for providing tools and expertise that helped him pursue his vision. vision. He also received early funding from the university’s Erony Spartan Challenge competition for student entrepreneurs.

Today, Gómez del Campo regularly meets with prospective students, particularly aspiring engineers and members of the Latinx community. “I’m a proud alumnus,” he said. “I know how hard the work is, the high quality of the students and that Case [Western Reserve] is a place where ideas can come to life.”

This piece, written by Jo Steigerwald, originally appeared in the Fall 2022 issue of Think Magazine.