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Find Study Abroad Scholarships and Funding

The Office of Education Abroad strongly encourages students to apply to any study abroad scholarships they are eligible for and is able to help students with their applications.

For students interested in studying abroad, there are a multitude of opportunities available to help support you financially. Listed below are study abroad scholarships and funding broken out by type. Use the first series of links to navigate directly to those of interest to you. Once there, click the scholarship title to find out more about eligibility requirements, how to apply, application deadlines, et. al.

CWRU Study Abroad Scholarships

  • Office of Education Abroad Scholarships
    • Alice Seagraves Award
    • Brookes Friebolin Award
    • IES Abroad Scholarship
    • Samuel Rosenthal Scholarship
    • think: global Need-Based Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Weizmann Institute Scholarship
  • Office of Education Abroad Programs with Funding 
    • DIS Summer Programs
    • Hong Kong Polytechnic Summer Programs
    • Tongji University SEM Summer Programs

Disability and Accessibility Scholarships

Click here for additional resources on disability and accessibility abroad.

First Generation Scholarships

Click here for additional resources on first generation students abroad.

LGBTQ Scholarships

Click here for additional resources on LGBTQ students abroad.

Race and Ethnicity Scholarships

Click here for additional resources on race and ethnicity abroad.

General Scholarships

Honor Society Scholarships

Program-Specific Scholarships

Region-Specific Scholarships


Student interested in nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships (Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Truman, Eva L. Pancoast, Projects for Peace, et. al.) should work with the Office of Undergraduate Studies for advising and to apply.