Professional Services Group

Are you a student or faculty member that likes to work on innovative digital projects?

Do you have an idea, proposal or project that you'd like to collaborate on?

The ISSACS Professional Services Group (PSG) was established to expand the ISSACS mission by bringing together faculty, students and industry partners to share and apply knowledge from research and experience to digital projects aimed at solving real word problems. The ISSACS PSG is an interdisciplinary team composed from our network of students, faculty and industry professionals to build digital solutions for federally or industry sponsored projects.

Our Services

Our cross functional teams work to establish a cycle of learning and knowledge application for all parties while delivering on project goals within a fixed budget. No matter what stage a project is in, we have the talent and expertise to increase your project's likelihood of success.

ISSACS PSG provides the following services to industry partners, faculty and entrepreneurs:

  • Workshops for early stage project planning, validation and risk identification
  • Assist faculty in refining and budgeting a pre-award proposal
  • Implement digital solutions that align with project goals within a fixed budget
  • Rapid prototype design and implementation
  • Provide access to CWRU faculty with broad range of experience in fields including data collection, analytics, engineering, and hardware design
  • Grow industry partners' talent pool by connecting with students from a wide range of degrees and experiences
Student presenting project progress

Our Experience

ISSACS PSG faculty and staff have over a half a century of combined experience in building, deploying and managing digital solutions for a wide range of industries including smart manufacturing, medical, environmental, transportation and the public sector.

Our Current and Previous Projects

  • Monitoring and visualizing roadway conditions using vibrational sensors mounted to municipal service trucks
  • Identification of public transportation train wheel condition so that service crews can identify wheels that need service before failure occurs
  • Industrial equipment monitoring with low cost equipment and low technical barrier for installation
  • Fabrication machine usage tracking to calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) sensor deployment and coverage analysis
  • Monitoring of neonate pulse and oxygen saturation to prevent infant death

How We Work

ISSACS PSG believes that how we work is as important as what we build. We have found that a transparent, collaborative team with an experimental mindset focusing on progress over perfection yields a better project result with fewer surprises. 

Our workspace is on the second floor of Sears think[box]. We deliberately chose to partner with think[box] and work in this space because innovation is by definition a creative process. Having access to the to the largest open-access innovation center gives us and our partners an environment that inspires creativity and productivity that traditional workspaces do not. 

An innovative project always starts with a conversation. Please contact us if you have a technical project that you'd like to get kicked off or would like to work with us on one of our many innovative projects.