Proposal Development

ISSACS provides support for Faculty Associates in proposal development by:

  • Identifying funding opportunities tailored to your research interests
  • Providing access to our library of templates, which can help you to put together various elements of your proposals more quickly and efficiently
  • Providing guidance on doing research at CWRU for faculty that are new researchers or new to CWRU
  • Giving access to a proposal developer who can assist with preparing non-technical, supplementary documents for your research proposals, proofreading, editing, and more
  • Assisting in the translation of your research into applications, products, and services
  • Locating potential collaborators
    • Potential researchers (i.e., link researchers across disciplines and institutions)
    • Potential industry partners
    • Matching researchers to core resources as well as researchers with specialized expertise
  • Giving access to ISSACS’ network of IoT industry partners and opportunities to collaborate on projects of mutual interest
  • Supporting curriculum development on IoT related courses and related disciplines.