Make It Better: A Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio

On June 8, 2021, MAGNET (The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network), together with more than 100 champions, announced the launch of “Make it Better: A Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio.”

The goal of the Blueprint, per MAGNET's June 9 press release, is to bring together "the insights of hundreds of manufacturing CEOs, community leaders, business leaders, academics, workers, students, and nonprofit leaders." The Blueprint "offers a vision for the future of manufacturing in the region: one that revitalizes Northeast Ohio as a leader in smart manufacturing, creates thousands of jobs, and transforms the industry."

ISSACS, both as a representative of CWRU and via its partnership with the Internet of Things Collaborative (IOTC), is proud to support MAGNET in this important endeavor as a founding Blueprint Champion.

Bluepring badge is a large blue hexagon with the words "Proud Manufacturing Blueprint Champion" with a smaller yellow hexagon merging into its space