Kelvin Smith Library Strategic Framework



In the spring of 2022 the staff of the Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) created a new strategic framework that has since been updated and revised in 2023. The framework provides our user community with an overview of our core operations and services, focus and goals, future aspirations, and values. For the next two years this framework will assist in prioritizing our use of resources, enhance our services and operations, and enable KSL to better align with the University's Think Big Strategic Plan.

The framework was developed collaboratively taking into consideration the input of KSL’s staff, users, partners, and affiliates, a review and comparison of the previous strategic plan, peer benchmarks, and current library trends. The framework will be reviewed throughout the year to note progress with a deeper review in June of each year to determine if our goals are still in alignment and to make adjustments as needed. 

Specific pathway connections with the CWRU Strategic Plan are noted within the Themes & Goals.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision:

Kelvin Smith Library's resources, tools, experts, and spaces inspire and enable knowledge collection, connection, creation, and curation.

Our Mission:

KSL is the Knowledge and Creativity Commons of Case Western Reserve University. We achieve this through:

  • Specialized collection and resource development
  • Reliable and equitable access to library collections for CWRU and affiliate communities
  • The provision of varied technology, tools, expertise, and individual and collaborative spaces
  • The preservation of knowledge and the university's and the community's intellectual and cultural heritage
  • The advancement of open research and the development of new forms of scholarship
  • Instruction on emerging technology, research, and information and digital literacies
  • Events and exhibitions that inspire discovery and dialogue
  • An environment of inclusion, collaboration, and community

We Value:

  • Teaching, learning, and scholarship that fosters intellectual inquiry, exploration, and discovery
  • Collection, stewardship and preservation of the cultural, historical, and intellectual record 
  • Collaboration, connectivity, and partnership to expand our knowledge and services 
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging to cultivate an environment of respect 
  • User-centered collections, services, space, programming, and systems that meet the needs of our community 
  • Risk-taking and continuous learning for innovation, growth, and cutting-edge results
  • Openness for our research and resources to expand our reach as a global university
  • Ethics and integrity as noted in the code of ethics for our professions

CWRU Libraries Diversity Statement:

The Case Western Reserve University Libraries are deeply committed to achieving racial justice and promoting a culture of anti-racism, inclusion, equity, and diversity, so all people are welcome, heard, empowered, and valued.