Student Assistantships

The Department of Bioethics is proud to offer student assistantships every year to our Master’s students as a way to offset a portion of their tuition.


The Department of Bioethics awards a partial tuition waiver for a limited number of student assistantships each year. Awards are based on merit and/or need. Student Assistantships require students to work on average 5-10 hours/week for the Department in a variety of capacities that include assistance with teaching, research, or administration. 

  • Teaching: Partner with faculty to lead small group discussions, meet with students, or grade assignments for our undergrad courses, Bioethics 210: Health Perspectives or Bioethics 271: Bioethics Dilemmas.
  • Research: Jump into an ongoing project or dive into a new one with faculty or staff through brainstorming, literature reviews, transcribing, coding, writing or presenting findings.
  • Administration: Connect with faculty and staff in myriad activities, from being a program ambassador to helping expand our department’s reach beyond our campus.

In addition, our assistantship program offers partial tuition waivers of up to $12,000, training and experience that will enhance your resume, opportunities to network with faculty, and the chance to publish projects with faculty support.

Application Process

Student Assistantship applications include a questionnaire about research, teaching, and administration experience, a letter of interest, and a letter of recommendation by someone who can speak to the applicant's qualifications for the assistantship.

Applications for Student Assistantships are due by June 1 for Fall start. Students must have submitted an application to the Master’s program by Priority #2 deadline on May 15 in order to be considered for student assistantships.

Decisions are made on a rolling basis. 

Questions can be directed to