Center for Human Genetics

The Center for Human Genetics, a unique collaboration between researchers of Case Western Reserve University and clinicians of University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, is an interdisciplinary center that brings together the expertise of medical geneticists, clinical laboratory geneticists, genetic counselors and research human geneticists that serves patients with a variety of conditions.

Chairman, Director: Zhenghe John Wang, PhD

Interim Director,
Medical Director:

Anna Mitchell, MD, PhD
Lead Genetic Counselor: Larisa Rippel, MS, LGC
Administrative Director: Cortney Byrne
Administrator: Michelle Yanick
Practice Supervisor: Julia Jackson



Clinical Providers

  • Suzanne DeBrosse, MD – Clinical Geneticist
    Laura Konczal, MD – Clinical Geneticist
    Anna Mitchell, MD, PhD – Clinical Geneticist
    Aditi Shah-Parikh, MD – Clinical Geneticist
    Chen-Han Wilfred Wu MD PHD – Clinical Geneticist
    Jessica Ogawa MD – Clinical Geneticist
    Jirat Chenbhanich MD – Clinical Geneticist
    Tyler Reimschisel MD  

Genetic Counselors

  • Sarah Aufmuth, MS – Prenatal
  • Sarah Grimes-Hodges, MS – Cancer Research
  • Joanna Horn, MS – Cancer
  • Katie Lincoln, MGC – Cancer
  • Emily Massiello, MS – Prenatal and General Genetics
  • Elyse Petek, MS – Cancer
  • Rachel Rabenn, MS – Cancer and General Genetics
  • Larisa Rippel, MS – Prenatal
  • Christine Shuss, MS – Cancer and General Genetics
  • Elianna Miller MS,CGC


  • Demetrios Dedousis, MD, PGY4, Medicine/Genetics – Chief Resident
  • Michelle Sergi, DO, PGY3, Pediatrics/Genetics
  • Sulin Wu, MD, PhD, PGY3, Medicine/Genetics
  • Michelle Chung, MD, PGY2, Medicine/Genetics
  • Laurel Green, MD, PGY2, Pediatrics/Genetics
  • Rachel VanCoillie, MD, PGY1, Pediatrics/Genetics
  • Mark Yoder, MD PGY1, Medicine/Genetics


  • Rhonda Jones – Clinical Research Regulatory Specialist II
  • Genya Kisin – Clinical Research Specialist


  • Kimberley Page – MS, RD, LDN

Administrative Staff

  • Ariaunna Henderson – Medical Assistant II
    Paula Watts – Medical Assistant III/ Phleb. 
    Simone Edwards – Patient Access II

Special Expertise in Diagnosis and Management of:

  • The genetic basis of cancer
  • Inborn errors of metabolism and newborn screening disorders
  • Prenatal genetic screening and testing
  • Neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders caused by genetic defects, including autism spectrum disorder
  • Undiagnosed diseases program
  • Prader-Willi syndrome
  • Marfan syndrome and connective tissue disorders
  • Mitochondrial diseases


  • Enzyme replacement therapies
  • Small molecule- and vector-based therapies
  • Newest genetic and genomic diagnostic tools

Distinguishing Features:

  • Comprehensive clinical genetics team with experts in all major areas of clinical genetics
  • Cancer Genetics services provided in coordination with the Seidman Cancer Center and Case Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Cutting edge diagnostic and treatment technologies provided by leaders in the field
  • Personal attention to patient and family needs (“personalized medicine” that focuses on the person)
  • Comprehensive prenatal genetics services in conjunction with experts in Reproductive and Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Access to industry- and government-sponsored clinical trials for genetic and metabolic disorders