Here’s how to navigate your Roadmap

Take a moment to check out your Roadmap. Orientation at CWRU is not just one week of activities. Orientation at CWRU is a process for new students that starts now and flows into the fall semester. Your Roadmap shows the various activities, forms and tasks you will need to complete as an incoming student.

When it’s time for an item to be active, you will see live links in your portal and the Roadmap website. If something is not hyperlinked in that block, it will most likely be an item that will be emailed to you. So always pay attention to your CWRU email ( 

The new- student Roadmap will be your go-to resource for completing necessary paperwork (or paperless work as the case may be) that will get you up and running at Case Western Reserve University—things like choosing your housing and dining preferences, preparing for orientation and much more. 

Many items on your Roadmap will link to your portal, which is password protected. Log in with your CWRU network ID and passphrase, just like when you were checking your applicant portal… in fact, it’s at the same URL: