Contracting Process with Vendors

A few important points about the University’s contracting process with vendors:

  • Before agreeing for a vendor to do any work for the University, employees should have a contract in place for every service obtained from non-students and non-University employees. This includes, but is not limited to, professional services, technical services, creative services, and facility rentals. That simply protects all the parties--the University, our customers, and the service providers. Having a written agreement in place before the work begins, ensures that there is a record of each party's rights and responsibilities should problems arise in the future.
  • A new contract is needed each time a vendor performs a service unless the work is covered under an existing agreement. Employees should use Case Western Reserve University contracts, not contracts generated by vendors. Use the Independent Contractors Form to capture all the information you’ll need to generate the proper contract.
  • Along with the contract, employees should complete a PeopleSoft requisition, Be sure to attach all related and required documentation to support the contract terms and choice of vendors. Payment requests can still be used for pre-existing contracts in place before that date.
  • All new vendors should be asked to fill out an independent contractor form.
  • Above certain dollar limits, you’ll need to secure additional signatures and multiple bids on any contract. See Business Policy for required documentation and thresholds.

If you have any additional contract-related questions, concerns or issues you’d like to discuss, please contact Procurement would be happy to walk you through the contracting process.