Audit Program

A crucial part of the University’s Procurement Card program is the ongoing auditing feature. On-site audits are conducted on a continuous basis, with all departmental cards being audited annually, and individual cardholders randomly selected from each department for audits. This ensures that all cards are used for authorized purposes, and that precious University resources are being used responsibly.

Individual cardholders are audited for:

  • Original itemized receipts

  • Accurate reconciliation of receipts and monthly bank statements

Appropriate use of the cards

If you’re being audited, how should you prepare? The auditor will expect that:

  • All cardholders will have all requested original itemized receipts and records ready for the audit

  • PCard files are organized according to the monthly bank statements for each individual cardholder

Preparing for an Audit

During an Audit, cardholders are asked to provide statements and attach receipts to transactions using the Bank of America's Works system. Please refer to the following instructions for information on how to prepare for an audit, create and download monthly statements, and attach receipts to transactions.