Spartan Alerts

Manage Alerts

You are automatically opted in with email and desk phone as a CWRU faculty, staff or student. You must add your mobile phone number to receive text message notifications.

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your CWRU credentials.
  3. Manage your settings and add additional contact information.

What are Spartan Alerts?

Messages issued by the CWRU Division of Public Safety when it is determined that the campus community needs to take immediate action to remain safe.

When are Spartan Alerts sent?

Spartan Alerts, often sent via text messages, are issued when it is determined that the campus community needs to take immediate action to remain safe. Such instances could include, but are not limited to, an active shooter, severe weather event or criminal activity that may impact campus.

What do Spartan Alerts say?

If a Spartan Alert is issued, it may contain general information and directions, such as "CWRU Alert: Emergency reported on campus; police are investigating. Authorities advise the campus community to stay alert and in place, and await instruction." In this instance, a second Spartan Alert is likely to follow containing additional details like the incident location or specific type of emergency.

How do I know a Spartan Alert has been issued?

These messages may be sent using a variety of communication tools including text message, email, university webpages, social media and Spartan Safe app. Any current student, faculty or staff member with a registered cell phone number through the university's registrar or HR systems should automatically be enrolled to receive Spartan Alert text messages.

How can I opt-in for Spartan Alerts as a guest or visitor?

Guests and visitors to the campus can choose to opt-in to receive Spartan Alerts. Guests can text the phrase "CWRU30" 67283 to receive Spartan Alerts for the next 30 days.

Key Terms

Shelter in Place

Stay away from windows. In a lecture hall or classroom, shut, lock or barricade the door. Do not allow access to anyone other than police or any other public safety official.

Run. Hide. Fight.

If you can get out, run: escape or evacuate. If you cannot get out safely, find a place to hide. Turn out lights and lock or barricade doors. As a last resort if your life is at risk, fight with aggression to disarm or incapacitate the aggressor.

The phrase Run. Hide. Fight.® is a registered trademark of the City of Houston.

Spartan Safe Alert Message Examples:

  • CWRU Alert: Emergency on campus: More information soon. Be observant/take action as needed.
  • CWRU Alert: Active shooter on campus. Run. Hide. Fight. Suspect last seen Euclid and Adelbert. Police responding.
  • CWRU Alert: Police continue to investigate. Shelter in place and avoid the area by Juniper and East 115th.
  • CWRU Alert: Shelter in place is lifted, police have secured the scene and will maintain visible presence.
  • CWRU Alert: Armed robbery Euclid and Cornell. White male 6'-6.3'. Dark pants, gray shirt over face. Last seen heading north.
  • CWRU Alert: Extra police patrols in the area south of campus. Be vigilant and aware of surroundings.