Bike Registration & Lock

Bike Registration & Lock

Bicycles should be registered to help the department return found or recovered bikes.  Registration gets you a sticker to identify the bike along with a FREE U-Lock for undergraduate students. There is no cost for the registration.

Master U Lock

How to register:

  1. Locate your bike's serial number. Serial numbers are usually a combination of letters and numbers stamped on the bicycle's frame. Most serial numbers are located under the bottom bracket where the two pedal cranks meet.

  2. submit a bicycle registration online. Please submit the form before picking up your registration sticker.

  3. Visit the Public Safety Headquarters (1689 E. 115th St.) or go to the Wade or Fribley area offices during normal business hours to pick up your registration sticker and bike lock.

  4. Apply the registration sticker to your bicycle.

Bicycle locks are free to undergraduate students. For those purchasing bicycle locks elsewhere, steel “U“ locks are the most effective.

At the end of each academic year, unclaimed/abandoned bikes with no registered are donated to nonprofit boys' and girls' organizations.

Bike Safety Tips

  • Secure your bicycle using a U-Lock. Cable locks can be cut easier than you think. A good-quality U-Lock is often unbreakable or requires a lot of time and effort to break. (Undergraduate students get a free U-Lock when they register their bikes with Case Western Reserve police.)
  • Secure your frame and wheels. U-Locks can also be used to secure both your bicycle frame and wheels. If you cannot secure your wheels using a U-Lock, consider using a secondary cable.
  • Always secure your bike to a bike rack. Other objects may be easier to manipulate to free your bicycle.
  • Register your bicycle with Case Western Reserve police. By registering your bicycle, it makes stolen bicycles harder to sell and easier to recover. Members of the Case Western Reserve community should register their bikes—for free—with CWRU police. Individuals also can register with their local police department.
  • Keep a photograph and serial number for your bicycle. This includes the registration number, if registered with your local police. This information will come in handy when reporting a stolen bicycle.