Spartan Safe App

Spartan Ride

Stay Safe and Connected

Members of the Case Western Reserve community are encouraged to download Spartan Safe from the iPhone App Store or Google Play.

The safety app offers easy access to critical resources that you need the most. The free app—created through Rave Mobile Safety, which the university already uses to send emergency alerts via platforms such as email and text—provides a number of safety tools designed to keep you safe.

Explore the enhanced features of the app.

By downloading Spartan Safe and registering your CWRU email address, CWRU Police will only ever be a few taps away. The app invites users to create profiles with as much personal information as desired—contact information, medical conditions, emergency contacts and more—allowing officers to respond quickly and precisely to those in need. 

Personal information is stored on a secure server and remains confidential unless you request assistance from campus police. A more detailed profile will help safety responders when providing service, but is not required. 

For optimal performance, remember to “always allow location services” and to keep your Wi-Fi turned “on” when on campus. 

*Spartan Safe replaced the Rave Guardian app. Please remove the Rave Guardian app from your mobile device as this is no longer functional.