Building Emergency Action Plans

The Building Emergency Action Plan (EAP) provides emergency information pertaining to evacuation, shelter in place, lockdown, and other emergencies specific to the campus building. Different emergencies require different protective actions to keep people safe. The unpredictable nature of emergency situations requires quick action and clear thinking to avoid injury. The plan contains building specific information for protecting yourself during most emergencies, but will not provide an absolute solution for every circumstance. 

Building Coordinators for each building are responsible for maintaining a current Building EAP. Assistance with reviewing and updating the Building EAP will be provided by contacting Emergency Management. The Building EAP template was created to include information for all departments to use during emergencies; however, some departments may choose to remove certain sections or add information based on their individual departmental needs.

Online Building EAP Training

Emergency Management has established a training program that can be accessed via Canvas. To start he Building EAP Training:

  1. Enroll in the Canvas course.
  2. Go to "Modules" and watch the "Building Emergency Action Plan Training."
  3. Go to "Quizzes" to take the "Building Emergency Action Plan Quiz."

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