Your Safety is Our Priority

The safety of the Case Western Reserve community is the university’s top priority. Any individual who engages in violent or threatening behaviors on campus is in violation of university standards.

But what do you do when you feel your safety—or that of one of your colleagues or students—is in danger? Call police? Contact your supervisor? Report it to university officials? The answer, for all three, is yes.

Case Western Reserve offers a variety of services and resources to ensure the safety of campus, including a list of action steps to take in both emergency and non-emergency situations, Campus Concerns Committees that address worrisome and potentially dangerous situations, and a large list of resources to help keep you safe.

What to Report

  • Physical Aggression

  • Vocal Threats/Hostility

  • Intimidating Gestures

  • Suicide Threats

  • Possession of Weapons

  • Stalking

  • Disruptive, Incoherent Speech

  • Persecutory/Paranoid Ideations

Worried about any of the above? Find out how to report your situation.

In an emergency situation that requires immediate attention from police, fire or other first responders? Use the free Spartan Safe app to notify the nearest authorities.

View Recent Reports

To ensure the campus community is aware of dangerous or threatening situations, we provide:

  • Crime Logs, which list all incidents reported to campus police, and

  • Security Alerts, which share information about crimes that may put members of the campus community in danger.