Classroom Scheduling

  1. The University Registrar’s Office will attempt to accommodate all requests for classroom space to the maximum possible degree. No classroom should be idle, if an instructor or department wishes to use it.
  2. If a particular request for classroom space cannot be accommodated, the Registrar’s Office will attempt to negotiate a solution. The Registrar’s Office will provide information on time blocks with classroom availability.
  3. Only if a resolution to an unmet classroom need cannot be reached, the Registrar will use the following (unranked) guidelines for assigning classroom space:
    • Course uses take priority over non-course uses.
    • Class meetings that appear in the schedule of classes (lectures, recitations, labs, et c.) take priority over other course-related activities (e.g. review sessions, meetings among course staff).
    • Courses that comply with the standard teaching grid take priority over off-grid courses.
    • Courses with specific facilities needs (e.g. instructional technology, movable chairs) have priority in classrooms that can satisfy those needs.
    • Courses with enrollments that are “right-sized” for the classroom in question take priority over courses whose enrollments make significantly less use of the room’s capacity.
    • If a department requests that a course be offered in a room in or near its home building, that course takes priority over a course from a different department.
    • Courses that would use all or most of the requested dates take priority over courses that meet more intermittently.

Decisions of the Registrar may be appealed to the Provost.

-Approved by Faculty Senate 3/31/14