Class Schedulers' Newsletter - Volume 7

This newsletter seeks to answer some of your common questions about scheduling classes as well as bring you timely updates and information. This volume's topics include:


Spring 2023 Deadline Reminder

The deadline for updating Spring 2023 class information and for notifying the appropriate individual or office is September 9, 2022. Upon completion of your review and edits, please notify the appropriate individual as follows:


Course Topics - New Process

The new Course Action Form (CAF) is live. To add or remove course topics, you will now submit a CAF to edit an existing course using the non-substantive change type.

Instructions for making a non-substantive change can be found in our guide Editing an Existing Course.

For additional information, and to register for a live training session for the new CAF, see Course Action Form.


Schedule of Classes Reports

If you use the SOC Summary Results report or query for class data in SIS, there is a new and improved way to get this information!

  • Login to the University's Data Portal -
  • Select CWRU Analytics on the site filter on the left hand side.
  • Click Explore on the left hand side to view reports that you have access to in a file folder structure.
  • Click on the General Institutional folder > Schedule of Classes
  • There are four reports available which offer different results. Choose the one that most closely meets your needs.
  • Once you select a report, use the filters on the left to narrow the results.
  • To download the report, click on the PDF or XLSX icon on the top right corner and select Excel (for excel report). The file will be downloaded into your local machine.

In this new workbook, each report offers more flexibility by allowing you to select from multiple filters on the left to narrow your search results, e.g. all classes taught by a specific instructor or all classes in a specific location.

There are additional reports which include degree requirements (for undergraduate classes), class notes and class attributes in the report results.

Send questions about SOC scheduling to