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The Course Action Form (CAF) uses a workflow approval process to adhere to CWRU’s course governance for new courses and course updates. It got an upgrade and has been moved from the Student Information System (SIS) into the new curriculum management system.

Course Action Form


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These guides will provide step-by-step instructions on how to do the most common actions in the Course Action Form process. If a scenario is not covered within the guide section, please email for individualized assistance in completing the task.

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Benefits of New Course Action Form


  • Provides immediate, in-context information on related courses and programs. When viewing a course to propose changes, users are shown other courses, programs, and bulletin pages that reference that course. This will help identify other CAFs, PAFs, or content updates in the General Bulletin based on the proposed change.

  • Streamlines form logic, accommodating individual school needs. Questions on form are responsive so that all required information on form is based on school or academic level of the course proposal.

  • Enhances Functionality. One new tool this form provides is a button next to the catalog number field that will show all course numbers currently used by an active or inactive course to help identify available course numbers for new proposals.

  • Includes a more robust workflow automation. The new software allows for easier addition and removal of approvers. Cross-listed approvals will automatically be included and no longer be required as a separate attachment to submit with the proposal.

  • Provides proposal status transparency. The dashboard is available to all faculty and staff. Each course will show the status of the course, and provide a snapshot of where the proposal is in workflow and how long it has been at each step.

University Sponsors

To the Case Western Reserve University Community:


The university has been working on the modernization of processes for approval of new courses and curricula and changes to existing academic offerings. In Fall of 2021, a new Program Action Form (PAF) was launched. Shortly after, integration with the General Bulletin followed. The final phase of this project takes advantage of the same software platform to submit and edit courses through a newly designed Course Action Form (CAF). As co-executive sponsors for this upgrade project, we are excited to share some of the much-anticipated improvements.


  • Extends the curriculum “ecosystem” by identifying program, course, and General Bulletin references associated with a course change proposal
  • Streamlines form logic, accommodating individual school needs
  • Includes a more robust workflow automation
  • Provides proposal status transparency


The new CAF is scheduled to launch in August 2022. If you have questions, please contact the project team at


Sincere thanks from the CourseLeaf Executive Co-Sponsors,

Donald L. Feke
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Academic & Faculty Affairs

Charles Rozek
Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Academic & Faculty Affairs


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