Certified Electronic Diploma

You've earned it

Starting with Spring 2015 graduates, CWRU is proud to offer you a Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma).

Made for you:

  • More than a diploma - an official, highly secure electronic version of your diploma.
  • Unlimited sharing with family, LinkedIn, job sites and it's completely portable.
  • The CeDiploma holds your CeDiD*.
    • Using validation services, your CeDiD is the key to your degree information for employers, agencies and more.
  • Give your resume an edge - present your CeDiD for immediate results and impress.

Get a head start on your career and share today.

Login with your CWRU NetID and password to download your CeDiploma for a fee of $7.95.

For more information, visit https://secure.cecredentialtrust.com.

*CeDiD (Certified Electronic Document Identifier)

Online validation for employers

CWRU Diploma Validation

Highly secure:

  • The CeDiploma can be independently validated through the university website by future employers, state government licensing agencies and any other entity that wishes to validate your achievement.
  • The document is digitally signed and encrypted such that it is trusted and more readily accepted.

Please Note: The CeDiploma is not a replacement hard copy diploma. In fact, it is not intended for print purposes though the validation form can be printed by third parties who want to check the validity of your diploma. Rather, it is a way to make your credential portable electronically.

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