Pronoun, Gender Identity and Prefix Information

Why This is Important

Identifiers such as name, gender, and personal pronouns are core factors to many students’ sense of self. In alignment with the university’s goals and values as an inclusive institution, the newest update to the Student Information System (SIS) includes fields for students to indicate personal pronouns, prefixes, and gender identity. Instructors, advisors, and administrators will see these values on class rosters, advising rosters, and some administrative pages. To learn more about the visibility of these values in SIS, see Gender Identity, Personal Pronouns and Preferred Name Visibility.



People may use different personal pronouns in various contexts. This includes using no pronouns or only using one’s name. It can be changed as many times as a student needs.  See Add Personal Pronouns for instructions.

What are personal pronouns and why do they matter?

How do I pronounce them?

Subject Object Pronoun Pronunciation
She Her Hers as it looks
He Him His as it looks
They Them Theirs as it looks
Xe Xem Xyrs zhee, zhem, zhere
Ze Zir Zirs zee, zeer, zeers

Learn and practice pronouns:

Additional resources:
CWRU’s LGBT Center


Gender Identity

Gender identity describes an individual's personal sense of their gender. A person’s gender identity may or may not be the same as what they marked as gender on their application to the university.  See Add Gender Identity for instructions.

Learn more about gender identity:  


Prefix (honorific)

In addition to existing prefix values, the gender-neutral honorific Mx (pronounced mix) has been added to SIS.

Learn more about gender neutral prefixes:


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