SIS Login Help

***Please note: your passphrase must be 32 characters or less in order to login to SIS.***

Have you activated your CWRU Network ID?

  • If you haven't:
    • Click here to activate your CWRU Network ID, or
    • Call the CWRU help desk at 216.368.4357. They are available 24/7.
  • If you are unsure:
    • Use the ID Check Wizard to determine if your network ID is active and ready to use.
  • If you have:
    • Ensure you are entering your CWRU Network ID in all lowercase as your User ID and do not add "".
    • Ensure your password is 32 characters or less.
    • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.
    • Clear your browser's cache and restart your browser. For assistance, see Clearing Your Cache.

If you are a new student it's possible that your admitting school has not yet entered your student record into SIS. If you do not have a student record in SIS, then you will not have an account.

See the table below to determine if the scheduled time to activate you as a matriculated student has arrived. If your date has passed, please contact your admitting school. Once your record has been updated, an account will be created for you overnight and you'll be able to login the next day using your CWRU Network ID (all lowercase) and the associated password.


New students in the: Will not have a SIS account before:
Dental Medicine, School of
  • early March
Law, School of
  • Fall admits: late June/early July
  • Spring admits: late December/ early January
  • Summer admits: late April /early May
Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
  • Fall/Summer admits: early May
  • Spring admits: early December
Medicine, School of
  •  mid June
Nursing, School of
  • Fall/Summer admits: early March
  • Spring admits: early October
Undergraduate Studies, School of
  • Fall/Summer admits: mid May
  • Spring admits: early November
Weatherhead School of Management
  • Fall/Summer admits: early March
  • Spring admits: mid October

If you are an instructor and your department has not yet submitted an Add/Update Instructor/Advisor form to the University Registrar's Office, you will not have an account yet. Please have your department submit the form on your behalf.

Staff members do not automatically have access to SIS.  If your position requires you to access student data, you can request access by submitting a SIS Security Request Form.

Only students who attended from Summer 2008 to present have access to SIS.  If you attended prior to Summer 2008, you will not have access.

See Request a Transcript for transcript ordering options. 

For all other inquires, please contact Be sure to include your CWRU Network ID and an explanation of the issue you are experiencing.

Ensure you are entering your User ID in all uppercase.

If you have forgotten your password, please contact your student and request that they reset your password.  Once reset, you will receive an email with a new temporary access code allowing you to login and change your password.

Students should see Manage Authorized Users for instructions.

If you are not new the university and have logged into SIS in the past, you may be having difficulty because:

  • Your password has expired. This is the password associated with your CWRU net ID. If your password has expired, you will also not be able to access CWRU email or other online services. Reset your password.
  • You are not entering your user ID in lowercase letters or you are entering your entire email address. Be sure you are entering your user ID in lowercase letters only and that you are not adding (e.g., abc123).
  • You are using an old URL. Please use
  • Your password is more than 32 characters long. If your CWRU password is more than 32 characters long, please reset your password to a password that is 32 characters or less.
  • You have not activated your CWRU Network ID. In order to gain access to CWRU's online services, including SIS, you must have an active CWRU net ID.  Activate your account.

If these tips have not helped and you are still having problems, please contact Be sure to include your CWRU Network ID and an explanation of the issue you are experiencing.