Display in Class Search


The topics in this section demonstrate how to make the most commonly needed changes to the schedule of classes.

Each department, or academic organization, at Case Western Reserve University is responsible for monitoring and updating the class schedule that it offers. Monitoring the schedule includes, but is not limited to: creating new sections of classes, scheduling classes that are new to a term, removing classes from a term, scheduling and changing class meeting times and locations, and reserving seats for members of student populations.

As described in Print Schedule of Classes, the University Registrar's office copies classes from the most recent like semester to the upcoming semester. Consequently, most of the changes that an academic organization makes to its class schedule are just updates to what already exists, and very little must be created from scratch.

Display in Class Search

The Display in Class Search checkbox determines whether or not a class section can be seen by students in Class Search. Most departmental users can see but not edit this checkbox, as it is the responsibility of college/school personnel.

A screen shot of Maintain Schedule of Classes in SIS showing part of the Basic Data tab for a class section where the Display in Class Search checkbox is checked.


Once Display in Class Search is checked, the schedule can only be updated by administrative users in a few ways. The following guides will indicate if the action can be done when Display in Class Search is checked or if it cannot be done when Display in Class Search is checked. For more on the Display in Class Search checkbox, please see the guide called The Finished Product.