Entering + Approving Final Grades

Begin by logging into SIS at case.edu/sis with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. From Faculty Home, click the My Schedule & Rosters tile. This will present the My Schedule page. Locate the class to be graded.

    Alternatively, from the NavBar, select Menu > Faculty & Advising > My Schedule & Rosters.

    Note: To see a past or future term, click the Change Term button. See Teaching Schedule on the SIS Resources page for more information.

  2. Click the Grade Roster icon.

  3. The Grade Roster screen appears. At the top of the screen is the class meeting information.

  4. The Grade Roster Type dropdown list contains either Mid-Semester Grade or Final Grade. If Final Grade does not appear in the field, the final grade roster has not yet been generated by the University Registrar’s Office.

  5. The Approval Status dropdown list is only available for the final grade roster.

    Grading proxies will only see the values Not Reviewed and Ready for Instructor Review.

    Instructors will also see the value Approved by Instructor.

    Grades can only be entered when Not Reviewed appears in the dropdown field.

  6. To assign a grade to a student, click on the dropdown field in the Roster Grade column.

  7. A dropdown list appears containing only those grades applicable to the student's grading basis. Select the appropriate grade.

    Tip: Use the tab button on your keyboard to highlight each dropdown box and type in a grade for each student. Please be aware that some students may already have "W" and "WD" grades assigned, or may have elected a special grading basis, like audit grades.

  8. Click Save at any time to save work in progress. If needed, log out of SIS and return at a later time to finish entering grades.

  9. When finished entering grades, click on the Approval Status dropdown list, if available.

  10. Grading proxies should select Ready for Instructor Review.

  11. Click Save to save the grades.

  12. A message appears indicating that the changes to the grade roster were saved. Click the OK button.

  13. When ready to approve grades, instructors should click on the Approval Status dropdown list.

  14. Click the Approved by Instructor list item to initiate the grade submission process.

Note: Instructors who have used Canvas to upload grades to SIS need only follow the directions for saving and submitting grades.

Grading proxies can enter mid-semester and final grades for instructors' students on the Grade Roster screen in SIS, but in order to submit final grades, the instructor must access the grade roster and perform the approval process.

Grading proxies are often teaching assistants or department assistants/administrators. To become a grading proxy, one must submit a SIS Add / Update / Delete Instructor form to the University Registrar's office. Once the form is approved, the individual can be assigned to the appropriate class sections in the Schedule of Classes.

This completes the process of entering and approving final grades on the grade roster.


Grading Tips

Grade Entry

Grades may be entered by either mouse or keyboard. To enter grades by mouse, click on the grade drop down box and then click on the appropriate grade. To enter grades by keyboard, navigate to the first student's grade drop down box, enter a grade using your keyboard, and tab three times to get to the next student's grade drop down box. (Mac users tab once.)

On the Grade Roster, you have the ability to select certain students and enter a grade to be added to those selected students. If all students are to receive the same grade (e.g., P), you can click the "Select All" link at the bottom of the page, choose the grade to be added from the drop down box and click the "add this grade to selected students" button.

Download Roster

Grade Rosters may be easily downloaded to Excel by clicking the download link at the top of your grade roster. Since individual browser settings may vary, if this does not work you may need to try a few things like holding down the control key while clicking on the download link or temporarily turning off pop-up blockers.

Class Rosters and Grade Rosters have an email address column with links to mail directly to your students' email addresses. This will also be useful when rosters are downloaded to Excel as you will have the email addresses for your class to create a mailing list outside of SIS.

Upload Grades from Canvas to SIS

You may upload grades directly from Canvas to SIS. See the user guide Uploading Grades from Canvas to SIS.

Mid-semester Grades

Mid-semester grades for undergraduate courses are now permanently available for advisors and students to view via the Grades page. These grades are available back to Fall 2008. Note that there are no more tabs for each type of grade (mid-semester vs. final), and grade columns will show even if a grade has not yet been assigned.

Save Your Work

SIS times out after 60 minutes, so if you are interrupted in the middle of entering grades, please click Save so that you do not lose any work completed.