Remove a Section


Class sections that either rolled forward from a prior term or were added and are not going to be offered should be deleted or cancelled.

If the class section has not been made available to students in Class Search yet, then you should delete it. Once a section has been made available in Class Search but is no longer going to be offered, it should be cancelled.

This guide should be used when one or more class sections needs to be deleted. Please see the guide Cancel a Class for directions on how to cancel a class section.

Remove a Section

  1. Login to SIS with your CWRU ID and associated passphrase. From the Staff Home page, select the SOC WorkCenter tile, and then choose Maintain Schedule of Classes.

    Alternatively, use the menu and navigate to Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes.

    The Maintain Schedule of Classes search screen appears.

  2. Look up Academic Institution and select CASE1.

  3. Click Look up Term and select the appropriate term from the list.

  4. Click Search.

    All courses owned by your department and scheduled during the chosen term appear in the search results.

  5. Select the class from which a section should be deleted. The Basic Data tab appears.

  6. Find the section that needs to be deleted by clicking the Show next row button on the Class Sections box header until it appears.

  7. Confirm the class section by viewing the number in the Class Section field.

  8. Locate the Display in Class Search checkbox. If the box is checked, then the section cannot be deleted because it has been made public to students. If there is no checkmark, then the section can be deleted.

  9. Click the Enrollment Control tab.

  10. Locate the Enrollment Capacity field. If the total value is 0, then the section can be deleted.

    If the number is greater than 0, then students are enrolled in the section and it must be cancelled instead of deleted. Please see the guide Cancel a Class for directions.

  11. Return to the Basic Data tab.

    Ensure that you are still viewing the class section that is to be deleted by confirming the number in the Class Section field.

  12. Click the Delete row button. A Delete row confirmation message appears.

    If an error message appears that a student has the class in their shopping cart, the section cannot be deleted and should instead be cancelled. Please see Cancel a Class for directions.

  13. Click OK to delete the section.

    Once the section has been deleted, note the number of sections indicated in the Class Sections box header. There should be one less row than there was previously.

  14. Click Save. Repeat the steps above if one or more additional sections need to be deleted.

This completes the process of deleting a class section from a course offering.

Refer to other guides to assist with additional edits to the schedule of classes.