Statement of Account (Admin)

The Statement of Account feature of the Student Information System (SIS) allows users who have access to student financial data* to see a real-time, easily understandable, printable statement organized by term. These statements can be created at any time and includes a summary of all charges and credits for the term.

Begin by logging into the SIS at with your CWRU Network ID and password.

  1. From the NavBar, select Navigator > Campus Community > Statement of Account (Admin).
  2. Enter the student's EmplID, Campus ID (Network ID) or Last Name in the corresponding fields to locate the record in the SIS.
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Locate the correct individual in the search results and click on their record.
  5. Choose the Term for which you'd like to see the Statement of Account from the drop down box.
  6. Check the box Include Enrollment for Term to include the student's course enrollment on the statement.
  7. Click Generate Statement.
  8. Click Print Statement for a printable PDF version of the page or choose a different term from the drop down box.
  9. Click Return to Search to search for another student.

For other ways to access this report or to run it for a group of students, e.g. all students in one plan, see Additional Reporting > Student Account Data.

*Only users with access to the Financials portion of the Departmental Admin Center are able to view this report.


Additional Notes

  • Clicking the Print Statement button will open a new window, displaying a PDF version of the requested Statement of Account. Please temporarily disable pop-up blockers.
  • The Date column for "Tuition, Fees, and Other Charges" represents the last time the charge was adjusted. For example, tuition charges, depending on enrollment status and other factors, may change.
  • The Date column for "Payments, Financial Aid, and Other Credits" represents the original date in which the credit was posted to the student's account. 
  • Online payments will be tagged as the term for which the payment is received. When new term charges appears, the payment term is changed. You may need to run additional statements to see the current status of the financial balance.
  • If a student's term balance is transferred to collections, either partially or in full, the statement of account will display "Contact Collections for Additional Information" or "Account Transferred to Collections". Please contact Student Financial Services at 216.368.2226 or before releasing the financial statement to the student. 

This completes the process of viewing the Statement of Account.